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Crossroads: Should you specialise (or re-specialise)?

There’s question most young lawyers end up asking themselves at a certain point: what should I specialise in? Implicit in the question is, of course, the suggestion that you should (or must) specialise in the first place. Let’s take a look at both questions, and the issues that can arise before you proceed down a […]

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Business Skills for Young Lawyers

Podcast Episode 11 – Better Business Skills for Lawyers

Today’s podcast is an ode to my new Better Business Skills course. For my dedicated podcast listeners I’ve put the entire first day of the course into podcast format so you can hear what it’s all about, why you should consider it, and hopefully get a few tips and tricks here and there. If you’d […]

CLE - Business Skills Continuing Legal Education

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Pushing the Barrow

What I’m Working On – and your chance to participate

Today I just wanted to share a short post on what I’m working on next, and invite you to tell me a  little about what you would like me to do. Where We’ve Been So Far Before we look at where the site is going, I thought it might be interesting to look at where […]

Two Step Communication

Doing the Two Step

I am a habitual reader of Mitch Jackson’s Communication Tips, and recently Mitch posted an article that I thought you might find interesting about the two-step process for making a point. Mitch called his article “Make your Point Using this Two-Step Approach“. In the article, we see Mitch develop a presentation strategy that involves a […]

Time is Valuable

5 Habits All Young Lawyers Need to Develop

I’ve lamented the lack of university teaching before, but today I’m going to do something a little more constructive and provide you with 5 specific habits that all new lawyers must develop in order to get their careers on the right track. Showing Initiative I know that your law degree probably seemed like it was […]

Love Hate Email

My Love/Hate Relationship with Email

I love email. And I hate email. I like to think that I’m not alone in this.  Email has offered legal practice huge benefits in legal practice, but it has also detracted from many aspects of productivity and focus that lawyers need in order to remain effective in their legal careers. Here’s a couple of […]

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