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How Young Lawyers can Avoid Panic

One of the things that seems to occur to me far less now is that feeling of utter panic when things seem like they are getting out of control.  You know the one – your heart beat gets faster, your stomach starts to tighten, and you start visualising all the things that are going to […]

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Good Job Interviews

Podcast Episode 14 – Ways to Do Well in a Job Interview

In the ever increasing job market that’s not too favourable to young lawyers, we’re seeing a never ending string of clones applying for jobs. Endless resumes full of identical grades, achievements and desires. False promises about dedication to the field. One trick ponies. People who just happen to have volunteered only in law, worked only […]

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Bring it On

Client Focused, or Just a jerk?

It’s an interesting marketing tactic – the “client focused” lawyer.  We’re all here to serve clients, and we all have our client’s interests at heart (or should).  So what am I talking about? Generally it comes in the guise of a lawyer who touts themselves as being a tough advocate, fighting for your interests.  Chasing […]

Let's Get Boring!

How Lawyers Can Write Extremely Boring Articles

As a profession, we lawyers have really mastered the art of writing extremely boring articles.  As a group of people that pride ourselves on our written communication skills, I can only assume that this is entirely deliberate.  After all, we wouldn’t be living up to our own self-proclaimed expertise in the area if, in fact, […]

Internet Holds the Answers

Clients and Google – A Match Made in Hell?

Hands up if you’ve relied on Google to find you an answer to a legal question. Yeah – me too. Now leave your hand up (unless you’re on public transport – in which case put it down before people think you’re too strange) if you’ve had a client who has come to you with all […]


Good Habits make Productive Lawyers (just like rats, really)

As with many scientific breakthroughs, this one began with rats. You see, at the heart of your ability to be productive is your ability to get more things done with less effort on your part. The results of this endeavour, if you are successful with it, are that you can effectively produce far more in […]

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