Solid Timber Australian FurnitureFour Chisels

I build solid timber furniture out of genuine Australian timber.

Australia is blessed with a wide range of beautiful hard and soft wood tree species.

I am dedicated to using these timbers with respect to their beauty and strength, in order to create something useful, long lasting and appealing.

My furniture is designed to be useful. I am not an artist - I am a woodworker. Luckily, our beautiful Aussie timbers are wonderful enough to speak for themselves without flamboyant touches required on my part. As a result, my furniture is functional, beautiful, and affordable custom made furniture.


Various Tools

All of my furniture is built using traditional joinery techniques. You will find mortise and tenon joints, dovetails, mitres, tongue and groove and other joints that have stood the test of many lifetimes before mine.


"I believe no man has ever designed anything that approaches the complexity of the simplest flower or the grandeu of a great redwood tree. God is the Creator of all things, and the beauty He has given us is awesome" Sam Maloof, Woodworker