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Internet Holds the Answers

Clients and Google – A Match Made in Hell?

Hands up if you’ve relied on Google to find you an answer to a legal question. Yeah – me too. Now leave your hand up (unless you’re on public transport – in which case put it down before people think you’re too strange) if you’ve had a client who has come to you with all […]

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Don't be Afraid - I'm Just a Lawyer

Podcast Episode 13 – How to React to People Who Hate Lawyers

Closing off on our series about people who hate lawyers, in this podcast I talk about how I suggest reacting to the “anti lawyer” approach that some people have. Specifically, I talk about: What to do when Uncle Bob tells you at a family barbecue how much he hates lawyers; The Zorro Circle; Why people who […]

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Good Habits make Productive Lawyers (just like rats, really)

As with many scientific breakthroughs, this one began with rats. You see, at the heart of your ability to be productive is your ability to get more things done with less effort on your part. The results of this endeavour, if you are successful with it, are that you can effectively produce far more in […]


Why Legal Problems are Like Jigsaw Puzzles (and how to solve them)

I don’t especially like jigsaw puzzles.  In particular, I dislike the chaos that exists until I have organised the pieces into their component parts by separating out the colours, shapes (corners and edges first) and likely locations. However, I do like problem solving in legal terms, and that’s probably good because it’s what I spend […]

Adding Value

3 Reasons you’re Not Making Budget (and how to fix them)

As altruistic as we all generally are, the reality of legal practice is that our firms set budgets, and we need to meet them (at least if we want to stay employed). This issue can be a bit of a pressure point for many young lawyers as they struggle to acclimatize to an environment in […]

6 Ways to Build your Network

6 Ways for Young Lawyers to Build their Networks

There are many things I wish I’d done earlier, and one of them is starting to build my network of contacts. Now, let’s make sure we are talking about the right thing – networking and marketing are not the same.  They are related, certainly, but really networking is a subset of marketing. So when I’m […]

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